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Find every letter in the alphabet and every design you can imagine...

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Alphabet Beads

Alphabet beads are becoming more popular these days, especially for kids and teens. They are great personalized items since it can be personalized depending on the name, type of occasion, or a symbol that can mean a lot for a person since they can be spelled according to your needs and it is also a fun way to express yourself. Alphabet beads can be made into bracelets, necklaces, charms, anklets, and scrapbooking.

Alphabet beads are made from plastic, sterling silver, or gold. Alphabets beads come in different sizes and shapes. A round and cubed bead is great for any type of beaded jewelry of scrapbooking projects. Each bead has a small hole for round beads and larger hole for cube beads for stringing. A wire, stretch cord, and flexible beading wire are often used as a binding tool to fit in the small hole. They come in different sizes: 6mm, 7mm, and 12mm. Plastic is the most common material for it is inexpensive and colorful. Sterling silver and gold plated beads are tending to be more expensive and often used as a gift for any formal occasions. For most sterling silver products, the beads are oxidized and the beads can't be dipped into a tarnish remover. It can wipe out the oxidation causing the beads to be silver in color.

Each bead has a letter from the alphabet engraved on it and it is sold in bulk because of its small size and the delicate care that it has to be considered. Plastic beads can be made at the comfort of your home using the plastic beads, a string, scissors, and any finishing product such as key rings, buckle, or any binding product that can hold together the beads. For sterling silver and gold plated beads, a simple string will not work. Often times, manufacturers will make products out of it because it involves extensive work and oxidation process in order for the product to work and look effective.

Alphabet beads are sold in bulk bags for making large volume of individual pieces of jewelry or scrapbook project. Discount stores may carry a small supply of beds depending on how much you want per project. Craft Stores are the best resources for beads for they offer a large selection to choose from. Online stores and wholesalers sell the beads in bulk and offer a very reasonable price when large quantities are sold.

Making products from alphabet beads really increases your creativity level and it is a good keepsake for yourself or for someone you really care about. Making fun and expressing yourself is the key for making good products coming from alphabet beads.



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